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Lhasa may be my magnetic north.Flying into Tibet with the Himalayas framing the horizon is a stunning vista. The drive from the airport to Lhasa, past miles of fields speckled with yak and the occasional farmer plowing, bailing and harvesting by hand – not a single tractor within sight – is equally hypnotic. Suddenly, my western angst was nowhere to be found. I was bewitched. Lhasa is awash in brightly colored prayer flags, monks in saffron robes, the juniper red of Potala Palace and the brilliant pigments of Jokhang Monastery. Barkhor Street spills over with beckoning Tibetans bartering, praying, displaying their crafts, prayer wheels and, my favorite, door decorations. Everyone I met shared stories of kindness and extraordinary warmth.  I think of Lhasa and recall ancient libraries, meditation, inviting vistas and contentment.

Take the flight to Tibet. Be prepared to walk, hike and climb. Open your senses to experience 1600 years of serenity. The 14th Dalai Lama may live in exile, but buddhism and generosity of spirit are alive and well in Tibet!

You will return again and again.

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