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The thing about France is that it is an explosion of the senses. I once tried to circumnavigate all of France in two short weeks only to realize the folly of my attempt in very short order. Every region beckons one to stay longer, to experience a culture beyond our expectations. 

First stop after the City of Lights? A lovely vineyard chateau in Bordeaux only to be drawn in by the additional pleasures of sailing, antiques and riding. Who knew? Now you do.

I dashed across France toward medieval, but thoroughly charming Clermont-Ferrand. As I negotiated a turn through the valley, I was visually halted by the vision of dozens of majestic, silent, energy producing wind turbines spinning in the hills. Then I came across the sandy, aromatic blue cheese caves of Auvergne. More distraction!

Eventually, I arrived in Epernay where damp chalk caves filled with aging brut, rose´ and cuvee kept me occupied for longer than I anticipated.

France has so many gifts and I haven’t even mentioned fois gras, Paris, charcuterie, Deauville, Normandie, Loire Valley, champignons, Biarritz, Burgundy, escargots, St Paul de Vence or Cote Rotie.

Linger if you can, it is practically a mandate!

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