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China Itinerary



Begin in Beijing: Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, 798 Art District, hutong by rickshaw, Mme Soong’s residence and Panjiayuan Market.

Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an: These survivors of time and the elements are an ongoing compilation of millions of shards still being uncovered today. With enough notice, you might be allowed beyond the barriers to view this painstaking restoration first hand.

Guangxi Provence: Guilin’s stunning Hotel of Modern Art is a 300 acre preserve in the middle of 3rd century Guangxi Provence. Venture off site by bicycle or bamboo raft to discover the lushest land in all of China.

Sichuan Provence:  Spicy cuisine?  Indeed.  It is also home to China’s Giant Panda population in Chengdu. Bring extra memory cards because each moment in the company of these endearing creatures is worth a thousand photos.

Sanxingdui: A recently excavated third millennium BC site bearing treasures of bronze, jade and gold plated masks, remains a mystery in Chinese history. Some draw parallels to Egypt’s great pyramids!

Last stop?  You choose.  There are so many exciting choices when it comes to China.  Let’s chat!

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