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China is a seductive destination. Forbidden City, Giant Pandas, The Bund, Terracotta Warriors, Beijing, bamboo rafting in along the Xi River in Guanxi Provence, Temple of Heaven, Chinese Thought, Hangzhou, Chinese dialects, piquant cuisine, archaeological treasures from Sanxingdui to Tibet bring an overwhelming sense of discovery to the table. Imagine stepping back one thousand years as you stroll through a village of traditional ancestral halls that not only remain intact, but are still in use. By foot, raft, coach or bicycle, a stay in Guangxi Provence amidst limestone monoliths in one of the world’s most creative hotels is a must.

Then spend a day making tofu from soaked soy beans with the very family that provides this daily staple for the entire village.  Hiking to the summit of Huangshan’s Yellow Mountain will be rewarded as the shifting mists lift to reveal its legendary breadth.Sensational cuisine can be enjoyed even in the most remote locations – a local Tea House, a Chinese junk punting along West Lake, or in Sichuan where the experience will lead you to the spice markets in search of these uniquely piquant ingredients.

Again and again, China will seduce your senses!


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