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Art & Archeology

If art, archaeology and digging a little deeper is your heart’s desire, SQ–Travel by Design will gladly offer an assist.  From the Beaches of Normandy to Knossos to Underground Rome and the Catacombs of Paris, SQ–Travel by Design will help you discover where the secrets have been buried. Art restoration behind the scenes at the Uffizi in Florence or The Cloisters in New York is something to behold. A stint at Troy or Sanxingdui to actually participate in unearthing their hidden secrets is an extraordinary feat in and of itself.  

A tour of conceptual art along the northeast corridor from MoMA to MASS MoCA, or a private viewing of Arkansas’s newest, and already touted, Crystal Bridges Museum can easily be arranged.  Perhaps visiting the Vogel Collection in each of the fifty United States or exploring the major cathedrals across Europe is more your style.

No matter your choice, let SQ–Travel by Design help you to explore the possibilities! 

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