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The Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet, dominates Istanbul’s impressive skyline, as do Haghia Sophia, the minarets in the Bosphoros and Topkapi Palace.  Next stop, the Bazaar Quarter where treasures such as spices, carpets, pottery, coins and caftans will inspire you to break the bank.  No need, bargains are aplenty!Onward to Anatolia, Cappadocia and the Goreme Open-Air Museum. Bring your hiking boots because your Manolos will only hinder you in this enchanting region fashioned by millennia of rich volcanic ash. Even the hotels have been hollowed out of this fantastical terrain.

Along the Aegaen, the excavation of Troy continues.   For historians and poets alike, Truva could be the jewell of any Turkish adventure. When you have been sated, head south to Izmir, Ephesus and Bodrum. By boat or car, this classical journey will take you back five thousand years!

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