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Tokyo offers so much more than a city experience. Its unique surroundings span traditional arts, gardens and cuisines as well as the countercultural worlds of music and fashion. Visit Harujuko, Rapongi and Shibuya districts for a lively, hip fashion culture. Then head to Ginza and Toyama for high end shopping.  Stroll tranquil Meiji Jingu Shrine in the morning, break for a tea house lunch and then go on to Kaminari Gate for a truly traditional Japanese garden experience.

The Geisha culture in Tokyo has all but disappeared. However, a really good guide can take you inside one of the few Geisha schools still in existence. Bring your sense of humor as games and sake flow all too easily.

Be sure to grab your guide and head for Tsukiji Fish market in time for breakfast. Tsukiji is not for the squeamish or feint of heart. More fish rolls into this booming exercise in commerce than any other fish market in the world. Go early because all the excitement is over by 8 AM. Wear rubber shoes, be careful where you walk and always look where you are going as the vendors’ carts are beelining for the trains and trucks that will ship their wares all over Japan in time for same day consumption. Time is of the essence and if a tourist is in the way? Well, just don’t risk it!

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