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Spain is one of my favorite destinations. It is rich in culture, language, sport, art, talented chefs and the challenging terrain of Pyrenees.Experience the magnificence of Alhambra, the Real Alcazar of Sevilla, the cliffs of Ronda, the roaring coastline of San Sebastian and the serenity that is Santiago de Compostela. Venture off the beaten path to savor a Hemingway moment with the bulls in Pamplona, or immerse yourself in the art of Gaudi, Dali and Geary in Barcelona.

Spend your afternoons in Madrid at Museo del Prado, then spend your evenings having a go at Flamenco before a late supper – i.e., 11PM as the locals do – at Coque. 

Spain can be as invigorating or tame as you choose. Be prepared for unexpected culinary treasures such as pintxos of the Basque country, a festive beachside paella in Ibiza or a topside lunch during a languid day sail from Majorca. 

Whether a family holiday, a private pilgrimage, a culinary exploration or a sun drenched road trip is on your to-do list, Spain will rise to the occasion!

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