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Thailand Itinerary

Andaman Sea, Thailand

Andaman Sea, Thailand

If you love the idea of Buddhism and food, Thailand may be right for you! First thing after arrival in Bangkok, take your favorite pieces of clothing to one of our favorite tailors to be duplicated, then head straight for a massage that will render you ready for a perfect night’s sleep – jet lag be damned!For the next few days, tour Bangkok like a native, savoring the markets and marveling at the beetle wing detail that went into creating His Majesty’s Royal Barges.

Next stop? Chiang Rei in the north to unwind in a tented camp like no other, exploring the forested hills that border Myanmar and Laos. Once rejuvenated, head south to Chiang Mai for shopping, Wat Phra Singh Temple and the forever favorite Kow Soi chicken.  Further south are the kitchens of Khum Lanna and FAE Elephant Hospital in Lampang. This is the best place to play with these rescued elephants – famed for painting, and, yes, music!

Sukhothai’s Si Satchanalai, the first independent Thai Kingdom, and Ayuthaya are World Heritage Sites that should not be missed.  Accommodations are more rustic in Central Thailand but these sites are “must sees.”

Next stop.  Andaman Sea. From Phuket to Krabi there are treasures galore.  Still you may choose the “James Bond Island do nothing at all” venue.  There is so much to explore in Southern Thailand, but after all that northern adventure, paddle boats, Andaman Sours, rain forests, cashews and beachcomber dining seem entirely appropriate!

Sawadee kah!


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