The art of travel is in the details.  No one understands the details of a memorable getaway like SQ–Travel by Design!  We know the value of upgrades, access, reservations and so much more. SQ–TbD tends to the intricacies while you enjoy extraordinary experiences one after the other. We might even arrange for you to do nothing at all.

I have been lucky enough to travel the world – often for business, but more often to sate my own greedy curiosity. Whether your whims involve hands-on cooking in a 16th century Tuscan villa, breathtaking drives through Provence, Piedmont or Ireland, summer rentals in Sardinia, Massachusetts, Cape Town or Rousillon, sunset cruises through the canals of Amsterdam, St. Petersburg or Venice, exploring Camargue from horseback, wine tasting from Napa to Bordeaux, travel by sea, schussing in Queenstown, archaeology in Troy, Xi’an or Machu Picchu, ancient villages of Hangzhou or a pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostela, or the amazing chimpanzees and gorillas of Congo and Uganda, SQ-Travel by Design will make the most of your great escape. SQ-Travel by Design will teach you the art of travel!

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