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Spain Itinerary

Alhambra, Spain


Begin any stay in Spain with Madrid.  Don’t be fooled by the wide, pristine boulevards.  Treasures abound from tavernas to Prado to flamenco and a late supper in Old Madrid. It is the best city in Spain to get one’s bearings.The islands beckon in summer and fall.  Some travelers prefer rustic Menorca. Others, more polished Majorca. And others, still, the flash of Ibiza.  All hold tremendous appeal.

The sun-drenched terrain of Andalucia is filled with architecture both imposing and charming, cliffs, bullrings, beaches and olive groves. Start in Cordoba, head south to Seville, and further south still to Marbella, back up to Ronda and out to Grenada before flying off to Barcelona, Santiago de Compostella, Bilbao, San Sebastian or any of the aromatic vineyards in between. Note: Do not ignore the allure of paradors.  Many of these old monasteries, castles and farm houses-turned-government-run-hotels occupy the best locations.

Barcelona is a wonderful city to end a Spanish adventure.  Dali, Gaudi, tapas, shopping and an stunning skyline are but a few of it’s compelling attractions.  If time permits, grab a rental car for a side trip to Parc Nacional d’Aiguestortes.  If time is short, spend a day in Parc Guell to enjoy all that is Gaudi!

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