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South America Itinerary

Galapagos Iguana


Machu Picchu, Cuzco and The Sacred Valley – recently uncovered by Hiram Bingham – comprise an ancient culture that can be visited by foot, horseback or train at an altitude that will take your breath away. Complete your great sunrise adventure with a high altitude escape to Lake Titicaca to the south. From there, you can cross into Bolivia.The rich diversity of species dwelling at sea level Galapagos remains unequaled anywhere in the world.  I recommend experiencing this archipelago island-by-island to truly immerse yourself in the biology and playfulness of this year round destination.  Don’t let the Amblyrhynchus Cristatus Iguana frighten you away, his terrain is also occupied by less imposing Giant Tortoises and Blue-footed Boobies! Take your family, but leave your flippers and scuba gear behind. They will be provided on site!

Carnivale in Rio is a must, as are tango lessons in Buenos Aires, hang-gliding in Santiago and exploring the remote destination of Patagonia from the Andes or at a more glacial pace from La Remota.

And, finally, Iguazu Falls are a captivating sight. Stay a few days to enjoy the National Park, but decide in which country you would like to sleep as Iguazu is a national treasure on two fronts – Brazil and Argentina!

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