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Culinary Itinerary

Tomato Salad at Aman Summer Palace

Tomato Salad at Aman Summer Palace


Elegant Blue Elephant cuisine, practiced by chefs worldwide, can only be practiced at Blue Elephant Cooking School in Bangkok. Homestyle Thai cuisine can be learned at Bai Pai, also in Bangkok, and at Khum Lana south of Chiang Mai to the north. Fresh ginger, galangal, long bean and so much more are harvested at Khum Lana before heading to the outdoor kitchens. In southern Thialand, fishing will bring the rewards of finger-licking good black crab accompanied by Andaman Sours.


Italy’s kitchens are legendary.  We have all sampled Tuscan cuisine, but what do we know about the northern kitchens of Bellagio?  Of the Venetian table?  Of Sicilian treasures?  My personal bliss is Vorno, where I can cook while venturing to nearby vineyards or Florence before heading back to the kitchen for my next lesson. Squash blossoms, anyone?


Paris is alight with fromageries, charcuterier and Berthillon. Then there is Cordon Blue, L’Ecole Ducasse, The Opera Cooking School and so much more. Discover the markets, the wine, the best Roti Poulet and sinfully delicious mousse au chocolat. L’ecoles des cuisine are plentiful in Paris, however, the secret of truly mouthwatering bouillabaisse can only be found in Marseilles.


Nose-to-tail is the newest culinary interpretation of Britain’s oldest edible treasures. Scour the markets from London to Bath to Scrabster, stopping by the kitchens along the way to release the treasures of Britain’s wonderfully refreshed cuisine.

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